Meet the Zen Van

Spring 2017 we bought our truck, a Sprinter Box truck with 5t max weight and 160 ps. Wow, lots of space! Deciding which truck we wanted took some time. We didn’t want a noisy, gas consuming, smoking oldtimer. Some convenience with airco and cruise controle, and some more than a maximum weight of 3.500 kg because of all the flying gear we wanted to bring along. We choose a box truck after seeing some youtube video’s. A lot more space and much easier to build into a camper than a van because of the straight walls. The Sprinter 5 series ticked all the boxes:

  • Engine: 160 ps
  • 5t Weight (2.850 kg without the box)
  • Not too old: 2013
  • Acceptable mileage: 220.000 km
  • Size of the box: Width 233 cm, height 226 cm, length 4500 cm
  • Convenience: airconditioning, cruise control
  • Loading platform

Let us tell you about our plans with the Zen Van:

As we have been working on our Zen Van since summer 2017, we can show you Edition 1.0 and Edition 1.1 (summer 2018) to give you an idea of what’s possible in a box truck.

Want to follow the designing & building process of the final Edition that we are building right now? More is coming soon so keep following us!