Altes Lager – Berlin

Episode 2 of our European Overlandtrip 2020

Finally we are on the move! Our first stop is Flugplatz Altes Lager, an old Russian airfield now used by the Berlin Hangglider Club for aero-towing and winchtowing for hanggliders and winchtowing for paragliders. You can camp here for a nice price and use the facilities (showers, toilets, kitchen) and fly either with the Club or with the school.

The strip they use is about 2 km long and because of the sand soil the thermal conditions are great. We love to fly flatland because the view is always spectaculair and there are so many fields you can land should you not make it back to the airfield.

We met Hans and Christine here, hangglider friends with whom we flew hanggliding competitions, mostly in Europe and Australia. And Mickey met Zorro, but unfortunately to date they are not matching very well…

We spent a couple of days here and had a very nice 2 hour flight in the vicinity of the airfield and enjoying smooth and easy air. Unfortunately the SD card of the GoPro broke and refused to give the footage that we made, so no aerial shots from Altes Lager.

The same day we had our nice flight, one of the local pilots flew 150 km and returned to the airfield!

If you want to fly here, check out the website of the Drachenflieger-Club Berlin. You can find here all the information and where to register. Guests are always welcome.

If you are into skating; this is also the place to be! There are a lot of very good and interesting skating routes (also for bikes) around J├╝terborg. When finally the rains caught on to us, it was time to move on.

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