Flying in Feltre

Episode 16 of our European Overland trip 2020

For those who prefer the vlog, it’s at the bottom… 😉

After almost a week of flying in Bassano, we move back north. Just one mountain rigde to Monte Avena near Feltre. Bassano is better known and therefore a much more crowded flying site, so we prefer to go to Feltre. It has the same options for cross country flying, a great landingfield and enough options in the valley and you fly closer to the amazing Dolomites mountains, always good for great views.

And in the clubhouse you can get your cooled landing beers and enjoy seeing others come back after a nice flight. The clubmembers are helpful and relaxed and good to hang out with.

Monte Avena can be reached by own transportation, but we prefer to take the shuttle from the clubhouse/landingfield and enjoy the merry men in the van.

There are three take off areas ranging (south, east and west) and you can top land as the top of the mountain is quite flat and with hardly any obstacles. The take offs are at about 1400 m and with the landing at 350 m it’s a nice height difference. There is even an agritourist resort near the launch area, but we spend the night on a recreation area halfway to the top and on a parking area near one of the ski lifts. For more information on the flying site visit Aeroclub Feltre.

We’ve experienced in the past that hitchhiking with your glider after a nice xc flight is not very difficult as people are very friendly and willing to take you back to Feltre or even the landing area.

Unfortunately the weather gods are not favourable to us and cloudbase is making serious cross country flying impossible. So we stay near the mountain and enjoy little flights in the vicinity of Monte Avena.

It’s also a moment to look back, as Carolien and Edgar are heading back home after a couple of nice flights here. They have been our first guests and surprisingly spending two weeks with them in our Zen Van went really smooth, as if we had the same rythme and routine. We hope to spend more time travelling with them in the future, and maybe even all the way to Mongolia in their converted firetruck Red… but that’s for another roadtrip.

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