To a Mouse

Yes, it’s summer time so we’re leaving the city and explore new worlds! Living on the third floor for months in the ‘no mice zone’ gets really tyring. After all a cat is an excellent hunter. So … finally, the so much needed change of location means a much appreciated change of diet! I’ve been here before so I know exactly where to look; under the small hedges next to the landing field. There are soooo many little holes in the ground to poke into and take my chances on grabbing a little tasty mouse. 

It’s my lucky day and I find a very incautious snack on four legs trying to outrun me. It makes it to the rear of my mobile home where it hides between the two wheels. “There is no escape”, I growl at the tiny creature, “Surrender!” But the 16 inch wheels are just a tad too big for my paws and strategy. I try it from the front of the wheels, and from the back and I even poke my raisors through the holes in the wheel rim but the nasty little scoundrel just hangs like a ripe fruit between the two tires!

In the doghouse…

Then what…?! Some humans interfere and are worried about my chow! Well, I’m worried even more because instead of feeling sorry for me not getting my snack and giving me a hand, they lock me up in the truck and allow the gnawer to escape! I could have told them that the stupid rodent is probably too scared to leave it’s save haven, but in the end my lunch gets a free passage!

Deeply disappointed in my bosses – it would have saved them feeding me the expensive dry stuff – I go off and find myself a new snack. And, as you would have guessed, it only takes a little while before I can proudly show them and their friends my new catch! The ladies unexpectedly start to scream and baffled – not very clever, I admit – I let it drop on the grass and the little bugger does a runner! As Koos tries to block me chasing it, his big foot crushes the mouse instead and my lunch falls to the ground seriously injured. Thank you Koos, good job!

The four of them finally decide that it is more ‘humane’ to let me put it out of it’s misery – may it rest in peace (or better; rest in pieces in my stomach ;-), and I gulp it down in three tasteful bites. I leave the tail for later… Thank you, Mouse.

The remains are at my feet…


  1. M. Gravestijn

    Wat een “kostelijk” filmpje!

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