On the Move!

Episode 1 of our European Overlandtrip 2020

No, we didn’t stay in the fridge! Finally we are on the move. But, before it came to that…

To be honest, the final weeks were not very zen at all. At least, I wasn’t very zen about it. Work that had gotten postponed because of corona, suddenly started up again while the borders stayed closed and it was unclear when they would open again. So instead of leaving on our voyage we had to combine work with sorting out the appartment and storing our stuff all over the country, which meant lot’s of extra driving and stress. Especcially because we didn’t know when we would be able to go.

Mickey wasn’t too happy about it either, because everything changed around her the whole time. So she hid in boxes and under the bed until the appartment was emtpy and it was time to say goodbye to Amsterdam.

We moved into the camper and stayed with friends and family and finished our final projects. It was also a point of no return, and it felt great! After 3,5 years of dreaming about this moment it had finally come true. It’s funny that when you begin (2016!) a project like this it seems like it will never happen. And then, all of a sudden, it was time to cross the border. Just to be clear, we are not leaving, we are just on the move. And this is what it looks like…


  1. Leuk om te zien dat jullie je kat meenemen zeg! Ik ga jullie volgen. Wij waren ook van plan in april op reis te gaan in onze Landrover Defender, maar wij hebben de trip uitgesteld tot volgend jaar. Wellicht leuk ons dan ook te volgen?

    1. D. Schelkers

      Wie weet komen we elkaar dan wel ergens tegen; hopelijk gaan wij volgend jaar die kant ook op.

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