Fly, Hike and Train

Episode 13 of our European Overland trip 2020

For those who prefer the vlog, it’s at the bottom… 😉

One more blog about Greifenburg? YESSSSSS! It’s one of our favourite sites with so many overland opportunities. Together with our friends we set a task to the west and aim for Lienz. The weather forecast is looking good except for an increasing west wind in the afteroon. So as soon as we can we launch and enjoy flying together – which makes it a lot easier to cross gaps and look for thermals.

Koos is the first to make the crossing at Dolsach; a long glide towards the Gaimberg. Unfortunately Carolien doesn’t make it back up after the crossing so Koos and I continue towards our turnpoint Sankt Johan im Walde. With an altitude of over more than 3300 m we have an amazing view over the Alps and the Grossglockner. Edgar and Carolien land just before Lienz, Koos and I pick a landingfield close to the main railway station. It’s easy to buy a ticket at the machine and we meet up at the first stop. The trainride is just 20 minutes and then a little walk back to the campsite! What a day!

Koos and I take the bikes on a day that xc flying is not looking good and we tour some 30 km in the valley. On the south side of the River Drau you find great bike roads, on the Emberger Alm you encounter the authentic Austrian mountain life.

It’s also a great day to meet old friends and do some chores such as the laundry.

In the evening the rains come with a beautiful sunset.

After breakfast, with coffee made in the Ellen&Joris coffee machine, we decide to move on as the weather for this part of the Alps is looking worse. Mickey is not too happy about that as she loves the campsite…

We will be going south into the Dolomites, but first we will explore the valley of Sillian where we have not flown before. But that is all happening in the next episode.

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