Aerotowing in Bösingen

Episode 4 of our European Overlandtrip 2020

Our dear friend Annet organized an aerotowing week in Bösingen in South-West Germany. It’s a small airstrip in a very beautiful area with lot’s of cross country possibilities.

A warm welcome as always, although corona-rules made us move every night to another free camping spot as it wasn’t allowed to camp behind the hangar as usual.

Normally it is very comfortable to spend the night there and to sit around the fire and share flying stories and self made schnaps. The stories get better after every glass…

It’s not a paragliding site, but in the area there are some options. Because of my shoulder I just took it easy with friends that came unexpectedly. At least I could ride my bike and get some excercise that way.

The weather was great for a couple of days and there was a lot of flying for the pilots from Holland, Germany and Switzerland that had gathered for the week. There were many rigid pilots, and Koos had some nice flights together with them.

There was also time for some chores…

If you want to fly here, contact the local club as on working days there isn’t always a towing pilot present.

And the of course the video of this week….

I found some old video’s from 2011 that I posted before. Not the best quality, but incredible how the quality of video’s improved since then.

Video of a nice cross country flight in 2011 (ended in first dislocation of Daphne’s shoulder…)
Koos taking Sacha for a tandem-flight


  1. Hi Daphne and Koos, thank You for one more fun to read report of Your inspiring journey. I wish You all the Best! Regards, W.

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