Sharing the profit

The whole holiday we only two days at a campsite – not because we’re Dutch – the best thing is to camp wild on a mountain pass or along a meandering river to experience the true Remi feeling. The largest part of the holiday budget is spent on diesel and cheap refueling is easily earned a few ice creams. In France you do that at the supermarche, so do we (and then it’s called Dutch cleverness ….). Suddenly there is a gas station that offers very favorably priced diesel and we stop to fill the tank to the last drop. With the earned discount, that could just be a whole sorbet with all the trimmings!

Unexpectedly she is there: an old grubby berry with thinned hair and ditto teeth. Friendly, she checks whether we speak French; I wait hesitantly to see what’s coming. Soon she comes to the point, whether we want to give her some Diesel, because her money is gone and she won’t not be able to get home anymore. She points at little white van on the otherwise deserted parking lot. There is a white jerry can in the shopping bag. She asks where we come from, states that it is still hot today and waits patiently but undisturbed and with quite a lot of determination while the tank is filling up.

We exchange a look and then Koos fills up the jerrycan as the most normal thing to do. With gratitude she says goodbye and passes the refueling gentleman who rejected her request, I realize.

During the evening, as I evaluate the day, two scenarios come to mind:

A. In the little white van her hand-rubbing and grubby husband is waiting for her, compliments her with a broad grin and sends her back with the next empty jerrycan; 3 more to go … and shakes his head in unbelieve and making comments about these tourists…

B. The little lady speaks solemnly to her flock of children and grandchildren during the meager yet nutritious meal prepared with love and devotion that there are always good and helpful people. You just have to ask … What do you think? A, B or … C (fill in yourself) …

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